Health Insurance

Health insurance is the most important insurance students should have. Without health insurance from a registered insurance company you will not be able to enroll at any tertiary institution. When you try to matriculate at the Student’s Office, you will be asked for proof of health insurance with a German company.

Exception: If you are an EU/EWR or a Swiss citizen or if there is a social insurance agreement made with your home country (e.g. Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tunisia) and you are covered by health insurance in your home country, then you may only need to show proof of your home country’s health insurance.

At every university you can find one office of a public health insurance company. But you can also choose a company on the internet or from the phone book (yellow pages). Every insurance company takes the same fee for compulsory student’s insurance including nursing care insurance. At the moment this fee amounts to 64.77 €. However, this insurance is only available to students up to their 14th semester or up until they turn 31 years of age. If you are younger than 23, you only pay 63.38 €.