With more than 800 local committies in 100 countries AIESEC is the largest international student organisation. In Germany, AIESEC is represented at more than 50 universities and applied universities.

Since its establishment in 1948, AIESEC pursues one clear goal: the education of responsible young people who contribute to a positive shaping of society today and in future positions of leaderships. Our international platform helps students worldwide to 5500 intensive foreign experiences and more than 7700 challenging managerial functions per year, and it offers the possibility to establish contact worldwide with other students, young professionals, companies and organisations during their studies. With the combination of the three elements "leadership development", "international internships" and "learning in a global environment", AIESEC follows a unique and integrated approach. These three elements are integral to the experiences of international students. In this way, the organisation offers students additional social training related to practice besides their studies.

AIESEC – Koblenz

Are you new in town and trying to get in contact with people? Would you like to meet nice people who would like to show you around town, to do any activities or just have a drink with? Do you wish to meet other international students or people that are interested in different cultures, some of whom have had similar experiences to yours in other countries, people that simply make you feel welcome in Koblenz and help you to settle in?

We, that is the AIESEC, would love to see you! We are a small group of students from the universities of Koblenz that works together with local companies to generate internships for foreign students of to offer workshops and conferences to different (economic) topics. But we also try to raise cultural awareness. Being an international student you might like to talk about your background, culture and home country - we would love to listen to your story! With all the events and activities that come along with our work, people get to know each other quickly! There is so much to discover being in Koblenz! Why don't you come by one night to meet us? You are very welcome to contact us at We would love to hear from you!